An Ode to food

As you may have noticed, I have started posting some of my recipes here and if you have read the “about me” section of this blog you may already know my love and passion for food.

Food is my soul, passion, love and life. I breathe it, I dream of making a living out of it and I simply live for it.  The smell, the sight, the texture, that taste and the sound of food simply invigorates me and inspires me.

I absolutely enjoy the whole experience of food. That to me is pure bliss. My ecstasy would be if I could make a living/career out of cooking, creating and travelling around the world to see what the rest of the world eats, cooks and creates. Ofcourse if I could review music and movies also that would be a double dose of ecstasy.

I am a vegetarian. An Indian Vegetarian. I enjoy disproving the myth that being a vegetarian is boring and vegetarian food implies health food or uncooked food or simply green food. And the other myth that Indian food =  curry. It’s not always chicken tikka masala, or some form of curry with an indian flat bread. That is 0.1 % of the Indian culinary culture. 

India has 28 states and each state has its own cuisine..well almost. One of the very few cuisines with such diversity in taste and ingredients. Such intricate, understated, subtle yet great differences when it comes to the method of cooking, the ingredients and finally the taste, smell and texture of the food. There is a whole world of East Indian food and West Indian food thats unrecognized,  a variety of North Indian food thats underexplored and a world of South Indian cuisine that’s not only un recognized but totally unheard of.

I create as many dishes as I can possibly think of. I read and research endlessly for more recipes. I try and recreate any good recipe I see and try to make a delectable vegetarian dish out of it. I enjoy and respect food from all countries and cultures. Every one of them has it’s own charm, wonder, character and history. I try to learn as much as I can about authentic international cuisine. And sometimes a fusion with Indian flavors really works too.

Watch out for more about food, my experiences, some fun tidbits and many more recipes in this blog.


3 thoughts on “An Ode to food

  1. Looking fwd for it :) I thought North Indian food was ‘over-explored’ ;) I mean most Indian restaurants overseas are biased towards North Indian Food somehow…..


  2. Well, yeah it is kinda overexplored I agree, but ONLY to the extent of Chicken tikka masala. Every North Indian restaurant here has the EXACT same menu. Be it appetizers, entree or dessert! Dont even egt me started about dessert, Im so sick of mango ice cream, mango milkshake, kulfi etc….Isnt there any other creative thing they can think of !!!!! Totally monotonous and dull.


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