The Garlic Capital

Did you know that Gilroy, California is the Garlic Capital of the World? They even have a garlic festival in July. When the wind is right you can smell garlic for miles.

I personally love garlic and call it the magic bean that makes everything taste great. I do realize it has a pungent smell, but it’s all in how you use it and how much you use it. Used the right way it adds a complex, whole new layer of flavor. 

I am waiting for the day I have saved enough to make a trip to Gilroy just for this. If any of you other foodies love garlic and live in California close enough, enjoy and please do give me some feedback!


One thought on “The Garlic Capital

  1. Hey I happened to pass Gilroy when traveling in CA :) Didnt stop by, but yes smelled the garlic in the air. I am a huge fan of garlic and especially since I have been aware of its properties (health benefits). Like you said when used in the right dishes in the right quantities it adds a great flavor!


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