Andrew Zimmern

I love his show “Bizarre Foods”.  Well as the name sugests, thats what he does, he travels the world and eats/experiences the weirdest of foods their cuisine has to offer. You do need some special tolerence to stomach some stuff that he eats. If you can handle it and If you have’nt seen this show, then please do so. It is fascinating.

Its interesting how as a vegetarian I am strangely in love with this show. I think its the passion Andrew has for food. Not just passion, the respect and his genuine interest of food and culture. We could very easliy dismiss some of the extremely strange and foul smelling food as stinky garbage, but most of the times it is a nation’s national food or their delicacy and just for that it deserves respect.

He is amazing to watch with his completely captivating and infectious enthusiasm  as he eats his way through the world. The show airs every Monday night at 9 PM ET on the Travel(Discovery) Channel and it repeats at 9 PM PT / 12 AM ET ( for all you west coasters).


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