Kolaches (also spelled kolace, kolach, or kolacky) are a slightly sweet, pastry roll filled with a variety of ingredients ranging from fruit to cheese to meat. The kolache comes from Czechoslovakia. It originally was a circular pastry made of double risen dough, in which, the center was topped or filled with poppyseed, cottage cheese, pineapple, apricot, prunes or or lekvar (prune butter). Kolaches were made from a formula handed down from generation to generation within a Czech family and no one used an actual written recipe.

In the mid 1800’s Czechoslovakian (“Czech”) immigrants began a 17 week journey from their European homeland to Galveston, Texas.  They, as many people did, came to America for the opportunity to work toward a better life.  They also worked hard to retain their heritage in this new land; and food, including the Kolache, was an important part of this preservation.

Although it originally was from Czech and Slovak, it is now predominently known in Prague, Oklahoma and Caldwell, Texas. They both hold annual Kolache festivals. The Prague kolache festival in Oklahoma takes place the first Saturday in May anually. While the town of Montgomery in Minnesota also claims to be the “Kolache capital of the world”. They also hold an annual festival known as “Kolacky Days”. Here is more about the Kolache festival in Caldwell,TX and the Kolacky days in Montgomery, Minnesota.

Some great places to get kolaches are Dough Joe’s in Missisipi and Cafe Kolache in Pensylvania. Want it shipped to your home? Try Fruhstucks. They deliver all over the US!


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