Insomnia Cookies “Baked on campus”

An extremely creative venture and the brain child of undergrad Seth Berkowitz and his friends who have expertly figured out what is missing from the perfect college experience: dependable late night food delivery.

The lack of late-night delivery options other than pizza is what prompted Penn grad Berkowitz to start brainstorming alternatives when he was still a student in 2002. Soon he was taking orders via cell phone, throwing together the recipes and driving the product to various friends’ houses.

Two years later Insomnia Cookies has infiltrated the taste buds of Penn and Drexel students and is slowly expanding routes to include University of the Arts, University of the Sciences, Moore College and parts of Center City, along with operations already in place at the University of Maryland, Syracuse University and the University of Illinois.
Purdue, Ohio State, Cornell, Indiana Universty, St. Joe’s, Manhattan, Syracuse, Michigan State, UPenn, Penn State,  Illinois, UMD are just a few schools that are opened or going to open very soon.

If you call between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. or place an order on Insomnia’s website, a bag of six or more made-to-order steaming hot brownies, cookies or a combination of the two can be yours. If you order more than 12 cookies, you get an extra one free. If your order is more than $14, you get a complimentary pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Head-quartered in Newyork,NY they deliver to many schools they operate in. You can also order gift baskets online and ship it to anywhere in the US.

With 35 varieties to choose from, Insomnia makes pretty much everything. Do check them out.


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