The Melting Pot

Food : 8
Customer Service : 6
Ambiance: 7
Cleanliness: 9

As one of my city’s very few fondue restaurants, I was excited to eat here. The Melting Pot has an understated, comfortable and cozy decor and ambiance with anything but understated prices. Its costs an average of $35-$50 per person. Their wine list is extensive.Their cocktail options are fantastic.

Some of my favorites there include:
The yin & yang a blend of Godiva white chocolate liqueur,Stoli Vanilla vodka and vanilla ice cream topped with decadent chocolate shavings.
The Blackberry margarita which has a ‘strong’ triple shot of 1800 reposado tequila with a hint of blackberry and fresh lime.
The pomegranate Cosmo a blend of SKYY citrus vodka with PAMA pomegranate liqueur and a hint of cranberry juice.

Here’s how the food there works: It usually is a four course meal.

It starts with a cheese fondue course. You get to pick from their six different kind of fondues with my favorite being the Fiesta cheese fondue (a cheddar cheese base with the flavor of mexican herbs, jalapenos, salsa and beer).Trust me it is out-of-this-world tasty!
There are other choices including fondues with sharp-cheddar, fontina, butterkase, swiss, gruyeyere and emmenthaler cheese with many different flavor combinations including garlic, onions, spinach, artichokes, scallions, nutmeg etc. This course is served with a side of fresh breads, vegetables and fruits. All the ingredients to make the cheese fondue is brought to the table and the waiter (in this restaurant, the chef!) puts it all together and makes the fondue for you.

The second course is a Salad with usual suspects like Garden salad, Caesar salad, Spinach salad etc etc.

The third course is the Entree. Here is where as a vegetarian I had a disadvantage. Most of the stuff here was seafood, chicken and red meat with just one Entree that is vegetarian(a token veggie item thrown in there with not much thought or interest put into it). Whatever you order here, the raw meat, seafood or veggies are brought to your table with your selection of cooking broth. You have four styles to choose from, The mojo style – A Caribbean seasoned bouillon(fancy word for broth), The Bourguignone – the typical European styled broth, The Coq Au Vin a broth made with fresh herbs, mushrooms, garlic, spices and burgundy wine or a plain old fashioned vegetable broth. You now cook whatever you ordered in this broth according to however well done or underdone you want your meat/veggies to be.

The fourth course is of-course the dessert. They have 8 different styles of chocolate fondues and every single one of them sounds insanely good. They have everything but the kitchen sink in there as options! From milk chocolate with crunch peanut butter to Silky white chocolate with Amaretto which is flambeed table side to dark chocolate topped with marshmallow cream and Oreo cookies to milk chocolate swirled with Bailey’s Irish cream to half dark and half white chocolate and finally just pure dark chocolate. This course comes with fresh strawberries, bananas, cheesecake, marshmallows, pound cake and brownies for dipping! Pure dark is my absolute favorite and it did not disappoint. So worth the million calories and it takes you to a state of happiness like none other.

They also have great after meal drinks and coffees if you’re still hungry after the monster meal!

You maybe thinking “50 bucks for melted cheese and chocolate?”, I’d say you’re wrong. Yes it’s pricey but its an experience. A foodies dream experience. It’s about playing with your food, having your food cooked table top and its a flavor you’ve never tasted before. I think its very cool that no cooking takes place in their kitchen. Only chopping and preparing the raw ingredients to bring it to the table to cook. Its also cool that the waiters are the chefs here!

If you are looking for a romantic meal you can share with someone, fondue is the way to go and melting pot serves the purpose. I don’t know why, I think its all the melty cheese and gooey chocolate! If you are starving and craving for a meal, this is NOT the place for that. Food here is meant to be played with. You cook your own food on your table and it takes quite a while before you put a morsel of food in your mouth. It’s ideal to spend your entire Saturday evening over.

They currently have two locations in MA with one in Boston’s back bay coming up soon.

92 Worcester Road,
Framingham, MA 01702
Phone: (508) 875-3115

213 Burlington Road,
Bedford/Burlington, MA 01730
Phone: (781) 791-0529

Want their locations nationwide? Here you go.


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