Sambal is a condiment used in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the southern Philippines, and Sri Lanka. They are made from a variety of peppers, although hot chili peppers are the most common. Sambal is used as a condiment or as a side dish, and is sometimes substituted for fresh chilis and yes they are lethally spicy!

There are ateast 10 different types of sambals depending on the slight variation of ingredients. The standard base for the sauce is made from Chili peppers, garlic,salt, sugar, onions, lime juice and the other ingredients vary from tomatoes to Shrimp paste and sometimes tamarind.

Sambal oelek or sambal ulek  is the most basic, common form. It ofcourse goes best with any Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese or Malaysian cooking.

25 fresh red chillies
1 tbsp white vinegar
2 tsp salt

Wash the chillies and remove the stems. Roughly chop the chillies(including all the seeds). All the chillies, salt and vinegar to a blender and purée it. This needs to be refrigerated.


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