Road Trip

Hey All! 

Here’s the excitement for the week. I am going on a 8 day road trip, a 3000 mile trip covering 8 states!   Framingham, Massachusetts – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Washington DC – Wytheville, Virginia  – Nashville, Tennessee – Atlanta, Georgia – Savannah, Georgia – Charleston, South Carolina – Virginia Beach, Virginia – Lewess, Delaware – Cape May, New Jersey – Framingham, Massachusetts…………Phew!  

This trip is going to be all about exploring new towns, experiencing southern culture, feeling the music in Nashville and finally, as you know me by now, drink in the food culture in every state. I am so looking forward to the authentic southern food that I’ve heard and seen so much in the years I’ve spent here! 

I will be good and try to blog everyday J about my day, places I see, things I do and of course things I eat. I will be connected and available by email and through my blog. Check both my blogs for daily updates and  Happy Holidays!    


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