Road Trip Day 3 – Wytheville & Nashville

Sorry about the long break in writing about the roadtrip, but it takes quite some time to put together! We took over 1000 pictures and sorting them according to city and then picking, choosing and compiling them is a quite some effort!

I last left off on Day 2 with the incredible stay we had at Trinkle mansion. We couldn’t wait to experience her breakfast the next day and it didn’t disappoint. It was all homegrown and organic ingredients which ultimately made a fresh and delicious breakfast. And if you read my previous post, Patti’s hospitality, attention to detail and personal attention made it even better.

The first thing that caught our eye and made us smile is this personlized menu made just for us. A vegetarian menu ofcourse.


The table setting was impeccable and gorgeous.



Best coffee I’ve had in a while. Strong and yummy coffee.


We started with a fresh fruit salad and a mini muffin. This fruit was salad was not like the one I ussually buy off a starbucks rack, or even the one I put together at home with fruits from my locak grocery store. These sweetness and flavor from these home grown fruits were worlds apart from anything I’ve had before. The mini muffins needless to say were out of this world!


We then had a main course of scrambled eggs with onions & peppers, hashbrown patty, fruits and homeade buttermilk biscuits.


Also had marmalade, butter and grape jelly for the biscuits. I have to tell you about this butter. Homemade, creamy and sweet butter. just delecious!


We then finished off with a pear/cranberry/apple crumble with vanilla icecream. We were so engrossed in eating and having a delightful conversation with Patti that we completely forgot to take a picture of dessert!

After a scrumptous meal and a 2 hour conversation with Patti we headed off to Nashville at 9.30 AM and reached there at 4 PM. It was actually 3 pm local time, totally forgot about the time difference. That extra hour was when I wrote my first post on Day 1 of our roadtrip.

We stopped over at good ‘ol Tacobell for some quick lunch of Bean Chalupa’s on the way. We had a long drive ahead, no time for leaisurely dining. It surprsingly got dark relatively quickly in Nashville! It was dark by 5 PM although it was not very cold. We did some great Nashville touring by the night until 10 PM. Read about it in my other blog.

We went for late dinner to a restaurant called Sunset Grill. It was a laidback and understated place to eat with huge portions of pretty good food.

They were open till really late and beyind 10.30 PM they also have an interesting snack-type late nite menu. We made it before in time for the actual dinner menu though.

The bruschetta was an interesting presentation. It was a deconstructed version of the bruschetta and totally unconventinal. It had a gigande bean salad, grilled haloumi cheese and marniated cherry tomatoes with balsamic vinegar, garlic and basil. Served with toasted baguette.


The lemon zucchini soup was really yummy.


This was the highlight of our meal, the Polenta cheese fries. It was creamy and gooey polenta with pecarino romano cheese on the inside, crisp and fried exterior served with a tomato-basil ketchup. Topped with fried basil leaves.


A spicy and flavorful garlic-basil pasta dish with vegetables of my choice. The pasta shape was really interesting. The first time I’ve ever had this shape of pasta. It was a large, flower-like and squiggly looking pasta! But very very tasty.


This was the Portabella Melt, a large portabella mushroom grilled and stuffed with a Rye, Vermont swiss cheese stuffing served with yellow-pepper cream sauce and side of crispy roasted cauliflower. Totally unique and delecious!


As you may have guessed we were too full for dessert.Famished after the 7 hour drive and 5 hour walking tour we barely made it back to our hotel room and Zzzzzzzzzzz………..


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