Mysore Veggie, Massachusetts

Food : 1/10
Customer Service : 1/10
Ambiance: 1/10
Cleanliness: 5/10

Massachusetts is on a growing trend for South Indian food. There used to be one dedicated south Indian restaurant, now there are atleast six. When you are suddenly craving mom’s food you need a place to go to where their only goal is to serve great food, authentically and sincerely made. Unfortunately, Mysore Veggie failed to satisfy this basic need.

MysoreVeggie: “authentic south Indian” they advertise. I was blown away by the number of people who told me about its opening a few months ago. Yes, of-course I went to try it out. This review I’m afraid might be too ‘indian’ centric and irrelevant to you if you are not very familiar with Indian food. I try to avoid doing that and keep it global but this restaurant just needed to be reviewed.

To elaborate on my ratings above,

The food gets a 1. It started with the appetizer and drinks. Molaga(jalapeno pepper) bajji(fritter), bhel puri and chickoo milkshake were up. The bhel puri was moderately good, the milkshake was watery and had an extremely unpleasant aftertaste and the molaga bajji was awful. One bite is all it took to notice that I was biting into raw liquidy besan(chickpea flour) batter and raw jalapenos. Still crisp and green like it would be when you bite into a raw chilli. The runny besan batter really turned me off 5 minutes into the meal. Worst of all, when I asked for the waiter to take it back and showed him how raw and uncooked it was, he couldn’t care less!

The main course was next. We ordered two iyengar thali’s as they called it. One Indo-chinese chilli fried rice( I have no idea what this was doing in an authentic south indian restaurant!), Chilli Kothu parotta and masala dosa. The “iyengar thali” was mediocre. It had an obligatory sambar, rasam and payasam. The applam served with it was like a rag cloth, bruised, soft, leathery and everything an applam must not be. The sambar, rasam and aaloo curry were okay. Nothing good or bad to say about it. There were two kurma’s on the plate I don’t know for what reason. I would think a kootu or a keerai would’ve sealed the deal as a south indian thali. But no, there was a vellai kurma, a butter masala kind of kurma, semiya payasam, thakaali(tomato)chutney, raita and pickles. A national integration on my “iyengar” plate.

The masala dosa was great. It was tasty, well made and delicious! I wish I had gotten two of those and called it a night. Then came the kothu parotta. Garlic and salt overloaded chilli kothu parotta. We literally did not eat more than one bite of that. The indo chinese was mediocre.

The thing that frustrated me the most was lack of interest and sincerity the whole place had which refelcted 100% in the food. No one cared.The food was served more as a product to make money. The ambiance was terrible. Hey , I am all for the ‘rickety table, plastic chair, disposable tumbler’ setting much like a “kayendhi bhavan” back in India, but there should be quality in the food. Mysore Veggie was somewhere in-between. The ambiance was a much higher than a ‘kayendhi bhavan’, lower than fine dining without finding a place for themselves. Same was the state of their food.

Their menu had 50 -60 items. Is it humanly possible to make everything at the same time with 3 chefs? I don’t believe that helps in anyway. I am big fan of these food trucks or the roadside eateries, where they make only 5 things but they excel at making it. Mysore Veggie would do very well if they could have just 10 of the most authentic south Indian dishes and have enough people who actually liked doing what they do and did the 10 dishes justice. That way, they wont be overworked and overstressed when the crowd picks up and take it out on the customers!

Customer service 101 is a class they desperately need. And did I mention I fell sick almost immediately after I got out of there? I sincerely hope this is a trial phase of theirs and they make drastic changes to make it an Authentic South Indian restaurant as they claim to be.

If you are daring enough, here’s where you can find them:

Mysore Veggie
1689 Middlesex St
Lowell, MA 01851
( 978 ) – 452-8700


3 thoughts on “Mysore Veggie, Massachusetts

  1. I’m surprised that you had such a bad episode. To the contrary I’ve been to Mysore Veggie for more than a year and everytime the service stands out. The quality of the food was top notch consistently. Of course you have to put things in perspective, me personally am very happy to get a Dosa and a great Indian vegetarian food in the USA. Being here for the past 15 years and having the privelege of travelling across this country, I can tell you Mysore Veggie is among my top 5 picks of all time.

    Hope this helps!



  2. hi Supriya

    I am sorry to hear that you have Had a bad experience at Mysore vegyougie , if you get a chance please stop by and would appreciate a review on the basis of yr visit as mysore veggie’s management changed 7 months a go, so did the ambience rest i would leave for you to come and check out , its not a self service restaurant either , Let sita /Mamta know that you r there we would like to personally take care of you.Look fwd to your visit


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