Vosges Haut.Chocolat

I have recently taken an interest and liking for exotic chocolates and just in the right time was introduced to Vosges and am since addicted! I went to check out who they were and was instantly attracted to their goal of bringing awareness of various cultures and its spices through chocolate. Simple thought, flawless execution.

I decided to try them out and here’s a look into what you are in for, A beautiful assortment of flavors. Yes you can get your regular truffles, dark, milk or any kind, with your classic nuts and fruit combinations(which are great as well) but for me, these following flavors sealed the deal in making Vosges one my favorite brands of chocolate.

A snapshot of the variety:

When you order gourmet, don’t you hate it when they send you something the size of an atom? Not here, large bars of chocolate as you can see! Another reason to love them.

Here’s all the flavor combinations in detail so you can choose for youself……whatever tickles you.


It was a tough competition to pick my favorite flavors among these list of my favorites, but with a narrow edge over the others Barcelona Bar, Woolloomooloo Bar and Red Fire bar win!

These flavors are just barely scratching the surface of their options, check more out for yourself!!


One thought on “Vosges Haut.Chocolat

  1. Hi Supriya, Vosages sounds like a great find. And I was ROTFL at you “gourmet stuff comes in the size of an atom” comment. Truly hilarious :)


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