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Calling all Bloggers,

Are you having the same issue with Feed Burner as I am? I woke up to 0 readers this morning, now it shows 12, then on refresh 15.  How many I actually have?  no one really knows! It has a mind of its own.  Feed Burner needs some behavioral adjustment!

On that Note:



6 thoughts on “Feed Burner

  1. I have had feedburner for a long time and it was not too bad for a while – but recently it automatically moved meto a google site – said it would take a week to load stats -it has done no such thing and is ow entirely capricous – Aargh…


  2. Hi there-

    I’m writing because you currently have my domain name in your blog roll… if I haven’t thanked you already for that, then thank you!

    I wanted to let you know that I will be moving to a new domain by the end of the week: franglaisinthekitchen.com. If you still want to keep my blog in your blog roll, then please update the link whenever you have the time.



  3. @Redchillies : Thank you very much for taking the time and commenting : ) I have been swamped with work lately, but I am not slowly coming back. I should be back to normal soon!


  4. I am on a narrowboat travelling around the canal system of England. This is just the sort of recipes that I have been looking for. I will get back to you after I have tried a few.

    Lazy Days


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