Tofu and I

I wanted to write a little note on Tofu, specifically on how I feel about it.  As a vegetarian, it is about time that I addressed this :)

Tofu has become the unofficial face of vegetarianism. How do I feel about that? Read About Me.

As much as I will keep working towards creating more diversity in Vegetarian cooking, I do want to point out that I am not against Tofu! I actually love it.

My whole point of diversity in vegetarianism is not about cutting off using any ingredient. It is about incorporating everything in interesting ways. I like to incorporate Tofu into my meals not as substitute for meat, but as an ingredient in itself respecting it for what it offers.

Tofu is delicious – there I said it. Now I know this is going to throw meat-itarians everywhere into a tizzy but to every one who dismisses it as bland – don’t blame the ingredient; it’s what you do with it. Sure Tofu is bland when in its raw form, but isn’t most meat and even a few vegetables? Would you eat just boiled chicken or boiled cabbage?

Tofu is the food equivalent of a sponge, which makes it a creative cook’s dream. There are infinite ways of using it and infusing flavors into it.

My previous recipe and ones to come in the future will hopefully be a start to show off of this wonderfully versatile ingredient; Of course always using vegetables, herbs, spices, grains and lentils all along.


One thought on “Tofu and I

  1. There is so much research against soy, not sure whether tofu is good at all although it seems to have permeated American diet. Mostly it says only fermented soy is good – miso, tempeh. Interesting how much tofu is being projected as super healthy. Having said that, your dishes are super tasty :)


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